Aero Crane has remained committed to clients and Southern New England residents for over 40 years, offering mobile crane rental and rigging services. We continue to to value innovation and strive to develop unique solutions for our client’s complex encounters.

Our service values reliability, efficiency, and safety, which has helped us to provide the platform to grow into the largest crane and rigging lifting service in Northern CT. Our exceptional wide range of exclusive services includes warehousing, storage, rigging, millwright, crating, and general trucking.

Aero Crane runs out of an 160,000 square foot warehouse space with a fully staffed operating office that’s open during normal business working hours to handle any incoming inquiries or quotes. Our wide variety of classic and robust equipment combined with an experienced staff helps to ease the process for clients in an efficient and professional manner.

We’ve gathered the finest tools with the top talents to provide a wide variety of services, ranging from basic crane rentals to turn-key rigging service solutions.

At Aero Crane we put a premium on individual service, and above all, absolute safety.

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Professional Rigging Equipment And Millwright Service
For over 40 years, we’ve worked to provide robust rigging services under our sister company, American Rigging, and thus have extensive experience in a wide variety of rising dependent installations using forklifts, airbags, power Johnson bars, gantries, etc.

Heavy Lifting Crane Service
We offer various levels of crane service, whether it’s a half-day minimum, project planning, or overseeing the execution of a month long project. All of our cranes are rented with operators to ensure safety comes first when the job is completed. All cranes undergo a yearly HESCO inspection, ensuring the equipment is in compliance with all mechanical regulations. Crane service rates and minimums vary by crane size as well as the duration of your project. Please call to get a quote.

Aero Crane provides crane rental services and lifting rigging cranes throughout Northeast New England, including Connecticut, Massachusetts with a specific focus on the Hartford, New Haven, Springfield, and Western Massachusetts areas.

We sell service, not just equipment rental..

Aero Crane is a proud member of the:

SC&RA - Specialized carriers & Riggers Association

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